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What is the primary purpose of the muscular system

MED100 Medical Terminology, Law and Ethics

Week 2 Daily Checkpoints

Question 1Cost- or Costal is a term related to the skeletal system which means





Question 1Fibromyalgia is

Pictures of bones

Inflammation of the tendons

Pain in fibrous tissues of muscles, tendons, or ligaments

Benign tumor of the muscle

Question 1What does the term lymphadenopathy mean?

Nothing to do with the lymphatic system

Enlargement of lymph nodes

Malignancy within the lymphatic system

Fluid build up in lymph nodes

Question 1A natural or acquired resistance to a specific disease.





Question 1Digestion begins in the





Question 1What is the primary purpose of the muscular system?

to look amazing after working out

provide movement & support for the body

to make us miserable as we age

Question 1Personal Branding/Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint and personal branding are some of the most dismissed aspects for launching your career; however, this is something you should be focusing on as soon as you enter your first class. Just as your footprints in the sand leave a trail as to where you have been, so does the new age of social media. It is called a digital footprint.

You have enrolled in a career college, and you are focusing most of your attention on your coursework. Another area you need to direct your attention to is the way you present yourself on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and all of the other sites available. If an employer typed your name into a search engine, what will they see? Would you be proud of what they would be viewing? Is your email address professional or is it the same one you had in high school that sounded funny at the time? If you have inappropriate messages or photos on your digital footprint, delete them so potential employers cannot view them. Discontinue posting anything negative or offensive on social media.

Enrolling into a career college suggests you are determined to be successful. Building and managing your personal brand allows you to showcase yourself as a role model, mentor, and one that others look up to and seek advice from. You can begin this process now. You need to stay consistent and represent yourself in a way hiring managers and leaders notice you in your industry.

More information on your digital footprint and personal branding can be found in various SHARC videos about professional communication or talk to your Career Services Advisor for more details and clarification.

Question: Another area (discussed above) you need to direct your attention to is the way you present yourself on…

Social media

Your driving record

Your credit history

Your background check

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