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MED100 Medical Terminology, Law and Ethics

Week 3 Daily Checkpoints

Question 1What is a Vitamin B12 deficiency resulting in a reduction in number of erythrocytes?


Perinicious anaemia



Question 1What are cells of the nervous system that help protect and support it?



spinal cord


Question 1The shoulder is what type of joint?




ball and socket

Question 1What is also known as the “voice box”?





Question 1What system consists of cardiovascular and lymphatic divisions?





Question 1We all begin life as a ___________, which is the union of an ovum and a sperm.




Question 1Is a Cover Letter Important?

Since you are competing against many other candidates for the same position, a cover letter becomes the one thing that may differentiate you from your competition. Many employers prefer a cover letter even when you submit your resume electronically, especially for top applicants. Just as you should tailor your resume for each company, you should also individualize your cover letter. Researching the company and addressing the cover letter to a specific person who will be interviewing could be the deciding factor in successful employment. If you do not know the name of the person interviewing or the branch address, then place the company name and corporate address on the cover letter.

Cover letter templates and samples can be found on the Study Hall and Resource Center (SHARC) along with resume templates and samples. Pay attention to the spacing between sections. Be sure to sign the cover letter. Hand deliver the resume and cover letter if possible to ensure a personal contact with organization. If you have the capability, be sure to sign and scan/email a version to yourself. You can attach the signed cover letter with your resume which looks more professional. Be sure you take these documents with you to the interview so that you can hand them to the interviewer even if they already have copies. Pay attention to the details as this will show you are the right person for the position.

Question: Cover letter templates and samples can be found on the _______________ along with resume templates and samples.Facebook

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