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1- Judging from recent experience

1-    Judging from recent experience, 5 percent of the computer keyboards produced by an automatic, high-speed machine are detective. What is the probability that out of six keyboards selected at random, exactly zero keyboards will be detective?

2-    Sixty percent of the customers of a fast food chain order the whopper, French fries and a drink. If a random sample of 15 register receipts is selected, what is the probability that 10 or more will show that the above three food items were ordered?

3-    On a very hot summer day, 5 percent of the production employees at midland states steel are absent from work. The production employees are randomly selected for a special in-depth study on absenteeism. What is the probability of randomly selecting 10 production employees on a hot summer day and finding that none of them are absent?

4-    An insurance agent has appointments with four prospective clients tomorrow. From past experience the agent knows that the probability of making a sale on any appointment is 1 out of 5. Using the rules of probability, what is the likelihood that the agent will sell a policy to 3 of the 4 prospective clients?

5-    A true-false test consists of six questions. If you guess the answer to each question, what is the probability of getting all six questions correct?

6-    A board of directors consists of 8 men and 4 women. A four-member search committee is to be chosen at random to recommend a new company president. What is the probability that all 4 members of the search committee will be women

7-    Sweetwater & Associates write weekend trip insurance at a very nominal charge. Records show that the probability that a motorist will have an accident during the weekend and file a claim is 0.0005. Suppose they wrote 400 policies for the coming weekend, what is the probability that exactly two claims will be filed?

8-    There are 10 rolls of film in box and 3 are defective. 2 rolls are to be

   Elected without replacement. What is the probability of selecting a Defective roll followed by another defective roll?

9       There are 50 photos in a book which has 250 pages. Find the probability that page 100 has no photo.

10  Suppose the average number of lions seen on a 1-day safari is 5. What is the probability that tourists will see fewer than four lions on the next 1-day safari?

11. The department of statistics has 12 staff members. 8 of them are under 60 years old. If we want to establish a committee of 4 members:

a-   What is the probability that all members of the committee are over 60 years old?

b-   What is the probability that the committee has only 2 members are over 60 years old?

c-  What is the probability that at least one member is not over 6o years old?

12-In a large metropolitan area, past records revealed that 30 percent of all the high school graduates go to college. From 20 graduates selected at random, what is the probability that exactly 8 will go to college?


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