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Research topic: ?Cyber bullying- Incidences and effects? (for the data collection here are the 3

Research topic:  Cyber bullying- Incidences and effects 

(for the data collection here are the 3 research questions for method section;  

In what ways do social media users experience cyber bullying?

how does cyber bullying affect social media users?

How do victims address cyber bullying?)

 Before submission, make sure

  • you proofread your entire paper.
  • your work has been reviewed by the writing center
  • you follow the APA format
    • Provide headers on the left margin and page numbers in the right margin.
    • Provide cover pages as well as table of contents and abstract.
    • Do not indent the first line of the abstract, center the word abstract.
    • Your abstract should briefly outline the research goals, the techniques used, the population and sample, and the findings.  This should be similar to the introduction of the entire paper.
    • The main headings are: Method (not MethodS or Methodology), Results, Discussions, and Limitations and Future Research
      • Remember that you are required to have an introduction followed by the literature review, but these titles should not be stated.
  • Use past tense throughout the paper because you have already completed the research.  Go through your method section and remove all future tenses, like "I WILL interview or survey …"  No future tenses at all.
  • Provide introduction to all sections and subsections, informing the reader of what to expect in that section.  (DO NOT WRITE the word INTRODUCTION under each subsection though).
  • Use Times New Roman 12 font size and nothing else.
  • Use double line spacing throughout the paper.  Make sure to remove all unnecessary blank spaces and lines in between paragraphs.

The Following are the main sections:

  • Cover page
  • Abstracts
  • Table of Contents
  • Title should be on the first page of main content
  • Introduction (not titled)
  • Literature review (not titled)
    • population and sample
    • sampling techniques
    • data collection techniques
    • data analyses
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Limitations and Future Research (ONE TITLE)
  • Provide a reference page, which should be double line spaced.
  • Avoid contractions.
  • Make sure all paragraphs are at least four sentences long.  Each paragraph must discuss only one point, theme, or idea.  
  • Visit the writing center.
  • YOUR FILE NAME SHOULD BE IN THE FORMAT: first name.lastname.senior seminar draft.
  • Your paper should be at least 20-25 pages long, and they exclude the preliminary (cover page, abstract, and table of contents) and reference pages as well as tables and charts.

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