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use alpha = .05 Points Claim: The average age of online students is 32 years old. Can you prove it is not? Normal Distribution 1 Ho: Note: Calculation cells should list the numbers and operations used to get your answers. Do not put the generic formula and show all calculation steps. T-Distribution 2 Ha: Sample mean: 30.67 Sample St. Dev: 10.84 2 Distribution: Reject Ho 2 Test Statistic: *2 decimals Calculation: Fail to Reject Ho 2 p-value: *4 decimals 1 Decision: 2 Interpretation: (context) Claim: The proportion of males in online classes is 35%. Can you prove it is not? 1 Ho: 2 Ha: Sample Proportion Males 0.3333333333 Sample Proportion Females 0.6666666667 2 Distribution: 3 Test Statistic: *2 decimals Calculation: 2 p-value: *4 decimals 1 Decision: 2 Interpretation: (context) 25 Total Points

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