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Hiring Manager Challenge Discussion Board 11 unread reply.11 reply. IDS4890Hiring Manager Challenge T

Hiring Manager Challenge Discussion Board

11 unread reply.11 reply.

IDS4890Hiring Manager Challenge

This is a role-playing activity that challenges you to imagine the perspective of a hiring manager faced with a big decision and limited information.

The set up:

You work for the City of Plantation Florida and your boss has decided to expand the team. She puts you in charge of hiring a competent person with, as she puts it, “potential.”

Then she hands you a job ad and a stack of 11 resumes. “Pick two of these,” she says, “And we’ll bring them in for an interview.” We can forward the others to HR so they can be considered for future openings. But I don’t want to send all nine of the remaining candidates to HR. So, let me know who was at the very bottom of your ranking. We won’t forward that person’s resume.”

You go home and snuggle with your honey. “Best day ever,” you announce, “My boss really trusts me to make important decisions. One of the two people who I pick will be our new hire. Also, I have to identify the worst applicant and throw him or her out of the employer’s applicant pool.”

Your honey sits up and gives you a serious look, “Wow,” says Honey, “Your boss is really testing your judgment. The person you help hire may be around for years. The money you spend on that person’s salary will come from a limited budget. The work your team does is pubic facing; I mean, if this person isn’t suited for the team’s work, everyone will know and trace it all back to you. Also, who are you throwing out of the applicant pile; your decision there matters too. Jeez, I hope you don’t screw this up.”

  • Step 1. Carefully review the job ad
  • Step 2. Look over the resumesActions and make your selections
  • Step 3. Write an email to your boss, briefly explaining and ranking your top picks. Who did you pick and why? This email is your report. Here is a report template. You can use this or write the email using only your own words. Your email-to-the-boss report must be at least 250 words long. 
  • Step 4. Post your email-to-the-boss report on the Week 5 discussion board
  • Step 5. As you read other people’s posts, do you become more or less sure of your initial answer? You may want to go back to amend your initial post. Be sure to explain what helped change your mind.

Hiring Manager Challenge Report Frequently Asked Questions:

You: Can I work with a friend in class on this activity?

Me: Yes, that kind of effort is called collaborative learning. This is the kind of assignment where collaborative learning often works well. You and your classmate can exchange ideas and perceptions about the work. I hope you’ll find someone to collaborate with!

You: Really?

Me: Yep.

You: Okay, so do we each get our own grade?

Me: Yes, you work together but then post separately. If you work with a friend or two, write to let me know by adding this sentence at the end of your post for this week. I worked with ____________ to think and talk through this work.” 

You: So, wait my friends and I can submit the same email-to-the-boss report and that's not cheating or plagiarism?

Me: Well, if you submit the same report, then it is likely that one person did most of the learning. We’ve all been on teams where one person does all or most of the writing and everyone else just copies that person’s work. Don’t do that here. You have a capable brain; and you learned by working through this activity. Write your own email-to-the-boss report – in consultation with a friend or classmate. This class is about you.

Here’s how you’ll be assessed on this assignment:

Content: Did you follow all parts of the instructions, including the minimum word count? Is your submission thorough and complete?  (10 points)

  • Quality: Does your post seem to indicate effort? Does it seem like you proofread? If the instructions ask you to make connections, do you? (4 points)
  • Peer Responses: Do you make quality comments on your peers' posts, paying attention to instructions about commenting? (6 points)

Search entries or author

Community Relations Coordinator

City of Plantation, Florida – Plantation, FL 33317

$29,120 – $49,734 a year


This is a non-exempt position, which is responsible for technical work in providing positive public relations and information to the public about police, city and other functions offered at the Police Department's Community Outreach Center. An employee in this classification is responsible for developing, organizing, promoting and coordinating community relation programs for the Plantation Police Department.

Employees are hired as AT WILL employees that serve at the pleasure of the City and may be terminated at any time with or without cause.

Examples of Duties
  • Develops, plans, and organizes new programs and events which will promote the City and the Police Department.
  • Attends regular meetings for various community organizations.
  • Assists the public with obtaining various services and programs offered by the Police Department and City.
  • Coordinates and supports events with Department approved charitable organizations in the community.
  • Schedules and sets up the conference room for meetings and teaches classes in areas of interest to the community.
  • Schedules, advertises, coordinates, and facilitates the Police Department's Citizen Police Academy.
  • Organizes programs through grants.
  • Coordinates and prepares award nominations and ceremony presentations for Department members.
  • This position does not have final procurement authority.
  • Performs related duties as required and as directed.
Typical Qualifications
  • Considerable knowledge of Municipal, State, and County services, and the ability to identify resources in obtaining and providing accurate information to the public.
  • Must have ability to attend community events including some evenings and weekends.
  • Knowledge of modern office practices and procedures.
  • Must possess good knowledge of social media platforms for marketing and advertising of special events.
  • Must be able to obtain necessary certifications, when appropriate, for various topics instructed.
  • Must have good understanding of crime prevention practices, strategies, and programs, and have the ability to obtain appropriate crime prevention certifications.
  • Must have good working knowledge of the City and the Police Department's policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of proper telephone etiquette and procedures; ability to handle situations and to deal effectively with the general public on the telephone and in person.
  • Knowledge of modern information systems and standard software such as Windows, Word and Excel with the ability to learn new applications.
  • Ability to interface effectively with many different types of individuals and organizations, while maintaining a professional and pleasant demeanor.
  • Ability to maintain a high level of job proficiency with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to create new programs and events for the Police Department.
  • Ability to speak publicly and deliver effective presentations.
  • Ability to adhere to a tight schedule and still maintain work quality.
  • Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with other municipal employees, city officials and the general public.
  • Skilled in the operation of standard office equipment.
  • Skilled in the operation of personal computer and typewriter with accuracy and reasonable rate of speed.
Desirable Experience and Training
  • Graduation from standard high school with public speaking and teaching experience.
  • Must currently possess or be eligible to obtain, a Florida driver's license with an overall good driving record. No single suspension of driver's license within the past two (2) years and no more than two (2) suspensions within the past five (5) year history (except if suspension was due to insurance error or clerk of court error).

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