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Begin your speech by engaging your audience?s emotions. (story, quotes, facts, joke or anything that

Begin your speech by engaging your audience’s emotions. (story, quotes, facts, joke or anything that connects to the topic and engages the audience) Then you can follow that up with your name topic and preview the main points.

Persuasive speeches attempt to change or reinforce an audience’s attitudes, beliefs, or actions. The persuasive speech is more complex and demanding than the informative speech. For this assignment, you should persuade the audience to support a policy, procedure or point of view of the teacher’s direction. You will email your instructor ahead of time (two- weeks), and he will tell you the direction in which to persuade. Use your book as a reference to help get ideas on how to persuade a hostile audience.  Counter-attitudinal speeches are STRONGLY encouraged.

  1. Make sure to have a clear introduction, including attention getter, connection, reveal topic and then preview main points
  2. Try to have three main points that are distinguishably different from each other, work on smoothly transitioning between them. Also, make sure to verbally cite your sources inside the main points, right before or right after you give us the information. See speech example on Canvas.
  3. First off define your controversial topic to the audience, after of course your introduction. Then I would bring up the contra arguments, and then address them as being fair points. Finally, go into your direction, by stating facts and debunking any myths (if they exist). Make sure to be passionate, and enthusiastic (even if you are faking it).

Have a strong moment of closure, one last time to engage the emotions of your audience. Clearly sign post “conclusion”, follow that up with a small review of the three main points and then close with your CALL TO ACTION. Call to action tells the audience exactly what we need to do to solve this problem your created or issue your brought up. (E.g. go out and vote for better parking at TCC, or write your congressman to stop the influence of lobbyist in our political system).



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