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Assignment 6c: SUD and Associated Disorders Case Study

Assignment 6c: SUD and Associated Disorders Case Study

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Objective: Apply the diagnostic criteria for SUD and associated disorders to develop a differential diagnosis.



Grasping the complicated relationships among SUD, trauma, depression, and anxiety is essential to understanding the reasons that these conditions are often co-occurring and why they must be considered to develop an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.


Read the section on substance-related and addictive disorders in your DSM-5 textbook, p. 481-589.

Review Victor’s Case Study.

Write 1 to 2-page paper in argument format responding to the following points:

Describe all Victor’s symptoms.

Complete a comprehensive differential diagnosis.

Discuss the ways in which the SUDs are related to Victor’s other symptoms, i.e., why such symptoms make sense.

Apply APA formatting, as needed.


This is a case study

Please no long drawn out introduction!! Instructor likes straight o the point what instructions call for.

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