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Examine the primary source documents

Examine the primary source documents and visual sources provided in textbook chapter 9 “Working

with Evidence: The Islamic World in the Seventh Century, and booklet chapter 9 “Thinking through

Sources: Voices of Islam”, & textbook chapter 10 “Working with Evidence: The Remaking of Western

Europe” ,and booklet chapter 10 “The Crusades as Cultural Encounter” .You need to incorporate

documents provided and must address at minimum the following questions: In what different ways do the

various voices of Islam and Christianity represented in these documents express the common religious

tradition of which they are all part of, in what way they reveal “ “a religiously based outlook on life” ?

What grounds of controversy can you identify within or among them? How do these documents represent

the roles of men and women in Islamic society (pay particular attention to differences in emphasis) and

what do these documents reveal about the process of conversion to Islam and Christianity? How did the

Islamic civilization (reflect upon the variety of experiences across the Islamic world) that emerged after

600, draw on the religious, social, cultural, and political traditions of Afro-Eurasian civilizations beyond

its Arabian homeland? In what ways did Islam transform the cultures with which it interacted? How

would you describe the history of Christianity during the period between 600 and 1450? Which religious,

social, or political beliefs and practices are shared across the Islamic/Christian world, and which are

subject to debate or disagreement?


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