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Compare the strengths and weaknesses of primary documents

Compare the strengths and weaknesses of primary documents (chapter 12 “Thinking through

Sources: Early Encounters; First Impressions”) as presented in those accounts but also what can you

infer about those documents. Which source do you think will be more accurate or useful to a

historian? Can the differences tell us anything about the strengths and weaknesses of an eyewitness

account as opposed to secondhand sources? What was the understanding towards cultures they

encountered were they open to understand cultural differences? Then assess which account was a more

useful source for historians or were they both equally useful? Why? What similarities and differences

between the Americas, African, and Asian societies can you glean from these documents? IN what ways

those encounters “foreshadowed” what is to come in terms of future historical development? Conclude by

considering what additional primary sources about those kingdoms/ empires of the fifteenth century

would you like to have? What other perspectives on those empires would be useful for historians?

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