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During week 3, we will focus on the process of respiration and metabolism. The mitochondria is an important organelle that is integral in carrying out the process of aerobic respiration to create ATP. This ATP can then be used to drive many other reactions and functions in the cell. Though the mitochondria has its own DNA and can replicate independently in the cell, a large proportion of the genes responsible for proper mitochondrial function are housed in the genome of the cell. There are many disorders that can alter mitochondrial performance, which can lead to many chronic or life-threatening conditions. Though genetic mutations in mtDNA and nuclear DNA are the main pathways of inheritance for this disease, environmental toxins may also play a role. 

This week, I would like you to watch the video below for an overview of mitochondrial disease. 

1. How aware were you of this disease prior to this post?

2. Knowing how important mitochondria are, explain how this disease would affect a specific tissue type (note – there are many tissues in the body, pick one and explore how this disease can wreak havoc on that tissue and its function). 

3. Include a website that you found useful as you were developing your post. (please ensure that it is from a credible source, please no wikipedia, etc).
No plagiarism !! 

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