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Describe your hope in Christ

Hebrews 5
Write a job description for the Jewish high priest. How did Jesus meet the qualifications? In what way did he surpass them?
What high priestly functions does Jesus perform for you now? Where would you be if Jesus did not function as high priest?
Are you teaching others the basic truths of the faith? Why? Why not?
What warnings does this passage set forth before your life? How do you respond?
Hebrews 6
What elementary teachings do you and your church repeatedly discuss without advancing to the deeper things of the gospel? How do the warnings of Hebrews 6 apply to you?
Do you agree with this writer’s description of the original audience of Hebrews? How would you modify or change the description? Does that description fit you and your church? How?
Describe your hope in Christ. How can that hope be strengthened? How does a strong hope affect your life?
What is required before a person reaches the state of not being able to be brought back to repentance? Can you know if a person has reached this state?

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