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How did Hitler and the Third Reich come to power?

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Seek out oral interviews, manuscripts (one specific subject), collections, anthologies (Holocaust Chronicle, Encyclopedia of Genocide, Richard Evans’ books, etc.), personal account publications, journal articles, magazine articles, movies, and photos. It is required that you use no less than 5 sources with at least 3 being books, journals, and/or primary sources. Please divide your sources into a group of primary and a group of secondary sources. Think of it this way- if the source is “of-the-era” (meaning written or published during the time period) it is a primary source. Note: If you utilize a movie, check for accuracy and be prepared to discuss the movie portrayal. I expect these papers to be extremely well cited, and reflect an academic paper including your personal scholarly input and views. Discussing how Hitler came to power will require some of your own thought and personal opinion—I need to see these inclusions within your work and supported by sources. If you disagree with a source, you may certainly argue with the author. Make sure to be specific and clear in your point of view and support your thoughts with historical evidence.


Papers should be written in MLA format. This includes:-Double-spaced-12 point Times New Roman font-All margins 1 inch on all sides-Indent the first line of paragraphs by half an inch.-Include your last name and page number in the top right-hand corner of each page.-Use italics for titles of your sources. For example-Said, Edward W. Culture and Imperialism. Knopf, 1994.-You must include a title page with your paper topic, name, date, instructor’s name, and full CRN centered on the page. (This page is NOT included in your page count.)-Include accession dates at the end of web sites as indicated in MLA 7.-Utilize in-text citations as a brief reference within your work to indicate your source. This will correlate to your citations page. (This page will NOT be included in your page count.) The direct quote from the work you are citing is to be in quotation marks so it is easy to identify.


Consider the following sources:

The Library of Congress

The National Archives

Specialized libraries and collections

FSW Databases and online journals (JSTOR, WorldCat, etc.)


Edited Collections


Diaries/ Journals

Census Records

Oral History Interviews


Look at the citations pages of your sources- where did THEIR information come from?


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