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diversity, equity, inclusion, implicit bias and microaggressions

1st: (375 words needed)

In terms of the change model (unfreezing, change, and freezing) what internal and external forces might resist the implementation of each of the following in a professional organization: instituting mandatory diversity training for all employees, appointing a chief diversity officer, and initiating applications for diversity awards. program?


2nd: (375 words needed)

Now that you have learned about diversity, equity, inclusion, implicit bias and microaggressions, what have you learned about yourself? The list of primary and secondary aspects of diversity include: Race, Ethnicity, Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Physical and Mental Challenges, Social Class, Religion, Appearance, Language and Military Service. Of all of the aspects of diversity, which so far have affected your life the most? What examples can you provide to substantiate your answer? Do you think these may change in importance during your lifetime? Why or why not?


3rd: (375 words needed)

Access the article by Ornstein, A. C. (2017). Social justice: History, purpose and meaning. Society, Read “The Meaning of Social Justice”. The author identifies 30 basic principles that should be considered as a framework for defining social justice. Select five (5) of the 30 basic principles and discuss why they are important to you. How are they significant to others? What groups are impacted when they are not initiated? Do you think all people should be committed to providing a fair chance for everyone to succeed and develop their abilities and talents; why or why not? What are some recommendations for improving social injustices in the United States?



Part II


Write an APA style essay (500 words) that addresses the issue and what strategies you would use if you were asked to be a champion of change for Racial Injustice.




Assignment Expectations


Length: 1625-1700 words

4 scholarly sources to support your claims.

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