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What is the behavior that is affected by social policy?

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As you can see, there aren’t any required readings from Miller, Benjamin, and North this week. Your Discussion Board assignment is to find an article that estimates the price elasticity of demand or supply for a good or service that is currently affected by social policy (in some way) in some geographic location. (Yes, you’ll have to perform some outside research.) For example, you could focus on the price elasticity of supply of street-level prostitutes in Chicago, like Levitt and Venkatesh do here: (Links to an external site.). Your post should consist of no more than 200 words and address the following questions:


– What is the behavior that is affected by social policy?

– Who is punished (consumers or producers or both) for violating the policy and what are the sanctions?

– Who performed the estimation and what are the actual estimates?

– What do these estimates mean (e.g., elastic demand, inelastic supply, etc.)?

– What practical impact does social policy have on the market in question?

– In your opinion, are there better alternative policies than the current policy? Make sure to justify your normative assertion using economic logic.



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