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Issues regarding genomics and applications to nanomedicine

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This module discusses the impact of genomics on electronic health records currently and going forward. After a brief introduction the reader is provided with a history of genomic science. From this we then are provided with information as to how this science supports personalized medicine. Patient involvement in genomics has been increasing particularly with the development and availability of genetic testing through home data collection devices and companies promoting genetic testing capabilities at “reasonable” costs. The regulation of these testing approaches is under FDA scrutiny. Genetic testing through this avenue can increase health care costs and create privacy issues. There needs to be a place to store all of this genetic data. Computers and storage devices have to be expanded or created to protect the data while offer easy access if necessary. The increase in genomics will affect stage 4 of meaningful use. Lastly genomics has created a new set of ethical issues which will impact the integration of this information into electronic health records.



Access the web site: Policy Issues in Genomics :

Read about the various considerations within the sections of webpage.

Answer the following questions:

How are ethical considerations being addressed?

What additional ethical issues can you think of that are not discussed on this page? List and explain two issues.

Access the Informed Consent section. How are ethical issues addressed on this form?


Other questions to be addressed:


How do you envision that genomics and personalized medicine will change the landscape of health care?

Evaluate the complexity of the technical issues related to managing and utilizing genomic data for nanotechnology, nanorobotics, nanomedicine, and the implications for healthcare.

Without discrimination as the framework, preventive medicine and wellness models may desire genetic testing in adults to identify genetic diseases before they cause symptoms. Outline the considerations for the shifts in health care delivery caused by personalized medicine including the management of personalized data.


Write a 5 page paper using APA 7th format to answer the questions. All journal articles must have DOI. Title page and reference page are not considered in the paper total.


one source must be: McBride, S. and Tietze, M. (2016). Nursing informatics: For the advance practice nurse. Springer Publishing Co.


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