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The assignment is focused on the movie, 12 Angry Men. ?The movie is about making a decision, and throughout the movie

The assignment is focused on the movie, 12 Angry Men.  The movie is about making a decision, and throughout the movie the actors show the aspects of decision making we have studied about thus far.

• What type of decision-making models are used?  What was effective of ineffective and why?

• Describe some of the things that interfered with making a good decision.  Use concepts and topics found in the course readings.

• Dialogue is used throughout the movie.  What did you see as effective as well as ineffective dialogue.

• Give examples of movie characters using inquiry and ones using advocacy.  How did it play out or develop in the movie? Looking at each example, was it effective or ineffective?

• What are at least three hidden decision traps in the decision-making process that you observed?  How did each of them impact the decision process?

• What are leadership lessons you have learned about decision making from watching the movie?  Explain the “why” for each one.

Assignment requirements:

1. The questions in this assignment serve as prompts.  Your answers must be incorporated as into a formal paper as a whole.  This is NOT a question and answer format. 

2. Use at least 5 references taken from the course text, On Making Good Decisions, HBR.

3. Length of paper:  4 – 5 pages, double spaced, title page, reference page, AP format.

12 Angry Men Assignment Rubric

17 points

List the decision model that most impressed you as being necessary and effective.  Describe why it was effective in process and outcome.

17 points

Advocacy and inquiry are always a part of an effective decision making dialogue.  Describe the overall dialogue presented in the movie, as well as how advocacy and inquiry were used effectively and ineffectively.

17 points

Dialogue is at the heart of a decision making process.  Discuss examples of both affective and cognitive conflict and why or why not it was effective.  Identify scenes where you observed misleading memories and how it impacted the decision making process for the group.

17 points

Embedded in the jury deliberations were psychological hidden traps that impacted the jury decision making process.  There are many types of traps but describe 3 traps that you observed in the movie.  How and why did they impact the decision process of the jury and why.    How could have they been avoided?

17 points

Finally, what and why is the thing that most stood out to you in the movie regarding decision making?  How will the decision process demonstrated in 12 Angry Men impact your individual decision making and leadership development?

5 points

Proper format for references.  A minimum of 5 citations must included as references from On making smart decisions.  Additional references are welcomed.

5 points

APA 7.0 is required. The presentation must clearly express the requirements of the assignment.  The paragraphs flow easily from one to the others.  Proper spelling and grammar used.

5 points

Excellent presentation without room for improvement.


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