The term analysis means a well-thought out observation on a specific topic. An analytical essay is an essay that offers an informative observation on a particular idea or topic.

As you prepare to write the essay, the first thing you need to do is to understand the main objective of the analytical essay. In this piece or writing, the author is required to present an argument or a claim of what he/she is analyzing. In most of the cases, you will be required to analyze a film or another type of writing.

Nevertheless, you could also be required to analyze an issue or an idea. To accomplish this, you have to sub-divide the topic into various sections and then provide evidence from the film or text, or from your research, which supports the claims you make. As you make the analysis of a certain text, set forth an argument about it in the form of a thesis statement.

Decide what you want to write about

If an analysis essay is given as an assignment in class, the instructor will give out a topic or topics for the essay. As a student, you should read the essay rubric carefully and understand what is required of you. If a topic is not provided, you will have to come up with your own.

Brainstorm for ideas

Even after choosing a topic, you may not have figured out what the thesis statement should be. Brainstorming can help you get several ideas on what o write about. Think from different angles and perspectives.

Create a thesis statement

Ensure your thesis statement is not obvious or vague. An analytical thesis should examine the text and make it a particular claim. Come up with a thesis that is narrow enough to fit the range of the assignment.

Support your claim

The nature of the task will determine whether you will use primary sources (the text or film to be analyzed) only or you will have to include secondary sources as well. Try to come up with good evidence that supports your claim and make it more convincing. Write the supporting evidence, indicate how it supports your argument, and state its source.

Write an outline

An outline simplifies the writing process. It helps the writer figure out how the argument should progress. You could also include the main ideas in the outline.

Write the essay

The introductory section should provide the reader with background information about the topic to be discussed. State the argument and avoid summarizing the topic at this point. The last sentence in this part should be the thesis statement.

Each body paragraph should contain a topic sentence, analysis of the text, and supporting evidence for the thesis statement. Know when to paraphrase or quote in your essay. Remember to use the correct format of citation.

The conclusion reminds the readers of the argument and how you have strived to support it. Do not introduce a different argument in the concluding section.

After writing, proofread and correct the grammar and spelling misstates. You could also ask someone to read your work and advise you on where to revise.

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