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AP English is taught in high school, and the AP English essay is part of the final exam that determines if you get the Advanced Placement (AP) English credit, which will free you from several composition classes in college.

You will be given only two hours to work on three essays. Therefore, in addition to the AP English class, a few preparations are required if you want to formulate the best AP English essay.

Practice writing

You can learn some essay planning and essay writing techniques by practicing writing this essay before the test. You can look at some past essay rubrics and other examples that students attempted in the past. Note the essays that use evidence to support a certain claim. You could also note how often students use transition words in their writing. As you practice writing, time yourself so that on the exam day you will work well under the time pressure.

Read the essay rubric carefully

Before you rush to writing, focus on reading the topic and instructions. Your main aim will not be to summarize the topic and instructions but to analyze them. Make some short notes on the margin of the paper and highlight the main parts of the argument.

Formulate the argument

After you have taken some time to analyze the prompt and source text if any is provided, formulate the argument. For you to get a high score, write an argument that qualifies rather than one that simply agrees or disagrees with the statement on the prompt. An argument that qualifies shows the examiner that you understand that most of the issues that affect the society are not cut and dried.

Gather evidence

You need to get evidence that supports your argument. For you to get a high score, gather a lot of evidence.

Create a thesis statement from the argument

Ensure that your thesis statement answers the prompt and makes a disputable claim. You could include the evidence that you have gathered in the thesis statement. Write the thesis statement as the last line in the introduction.

Create an essay outline

An outline will help you plan your essay. Ensure the essay flows in a chronological manner. For a standard essay, the first paragraph should be the introductory paragraph followed by three body paragraphs and finally a conclusion.

Write the essay

Ensure the beginning of the essay is strong and captivating. Commence the essay with a statement that captures the attention of the reader followed by a few sentences that explain the topic and end with the thesis statement. This is also the part where you write the author of any literature you will be analyzing.

In the body section, use topic sentences and transition words to get more points. Ensure that the evidence you include is specific and explain it well to give the essay credibility. In the concluding section, re-state the thesis statement and summarize the main ideas of the paper. Finalize the essay with a statement that challenges the imagination of the reader without bringing in new ideas. Polish your essay by proofreading and correcting spelling and grammar errors.

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