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A descriptive essay strives to generate a deeply involved and vivid experience in the reader’s mind.  A good descriptive essay appeals to all the five senses, that is, taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing.

As you prepare to write a descriptive essay, your main aim should be to paint a comprehensive picture in the reader’s mind. Metaphors and other figurative languages are useful in this writing. The story that you write should have a purpose. Whether a certain object made an impact in your life or you learned a lesson from that experience, include a particular purpose for writing the essay. Before you start writing, a few essay planning techniques are required.

Select the topic

In most cases, descriptive essays focus on portraying a person, memory, an object, a place, or an experience.

Create the thesis statement

This is the idea that regulates the entire essay. A thesis statement states the purpose of the essay and governs all the information that will be written in the essay.

Create an outline

The outline has an introduction, the body part, and a conclusion. The introduction should have vivid and interesting descriptions to capture the reader’s attention. Introduce the main idea to the reader and also include some background information on your topic. Include sensory details as this is the key to writing an award-winning essay.

The length of the body paragraphs depends on the length of the story. Start with the most captivating ideas but ensure the description is stated in a chronological manner. Avoid fast forwarding and backtracking.  As you progress through the story, do not forget to include a sensory appeal. All sentences should include details of more than one sensory part.

In the concluding part, reflection is always key. State the purpose of the story. The reader would want to know why you spent so much time and words to describe a certain thing.

Write the essay

After creating an outline, write the essay. Structure your paper in a way that makes sense for your topic. Establish the essay right from the introductory part. Topic sentences at the opening of every paragraph make the essay more appealing and maintain the attention of the reader. The conclusion is basically the summary of the essay. Restate the thesis statement in the concluding part. Ensure you write a good conclusion as it is the last thing the reader will read and it will stick in his/her brain longest.

After writing the essay, proofread for grammar and spelling errors. Also get your friend to read it and advise you on the changes that you should make.

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