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An informative essay is a paper that is written to provide facts and details with an aim to educate the reader or provide more information on a specific field or topic.

This type of essay relay information that is not biased, and therefore, the writer should not include their personal opinions.

Select a topic

This is the first step to writing this paper. In some cases, the students are given a topic by the instructor. If this is not the case, the writer should pick a topic that applies to the requirements of the assignment. This can be achieved by brainstorming. Write down all the ideas that relate to the question and interests you.

Some students may pick a topic they are familiar with, but this makes the process fast and boring. Ambitious students go for the topics they have limited knowledge. Review the ideas you have generated and rule out the weak ones. After ruling out the irrelevant topics, do preliminary research on the few topics that remained. Go for the topic that has a lot of accessible research and one you enjoy since you will work on it for a few weeks.

Research on the topic

After selecting the topic, you need to carry out a systematic investigation of sources to establish the information and facts on the subject. When searching for information on the internet, go for the sources that are published by accredited organizations or individuals. Avoid links that tend to give an opinion as you only need facts. Write all the relevant information.

Organize the facts

You need to organize all the facts you have gathered in a specific structure or order. Read through the research and figure out the connection between the concepts. Create categories and assign the facts to each category.

Essay outline

This paper follows the standard essay format, that is, the introduction followed by three body paragraphs and a conclusion. The writer should be creative when constructing the introduction so that it captures the attention of the reader. It should also contain a well-written thesis statement.

The body paragraphs are meant to defend the thesis statement. The body paragraphs should commence with a topic statement. A paragraph should introduce a claim, give the evidence, and finally write an explanation to the claim. Each body paragraph should include a sentence that serves as a synopsis of the argument in that section.

The conclusion restates the thesis statement and summarizes the essay.

Write the essay

This could be an intimidating phase if the writer did not research well. However, with a thorough research and a good outline, the process is much easier.

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