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An argumentative essay is a genre of essay writing that requires the author to take a position on a certain issue and give evidence why he/she takes that position.

Research the issue

This type of essay thoroughly covers a certain issue, giving all the sides and persuading the reader to agree with the author’s position. Before you start essay planning, understand the purpose of the essay. The main purpose of an argumentative composition is to investigate a certain issue. This means that the author has to conduct an intensive research to come up with information that covers all aspects of the topic.

The effectiveness of an argumentative essay is achieved when the author analyzes several aspects of the topic and direct the reader to a logical conclusion. Therefore, the author should read all the viewpoints on the issue and note the opinions that oppose his/her position.

Choose a topic

An argumentative essay builds up an argument that supports a certain position. Hence, the writer should select a debatable topic. Avoid topics that are quite hard to contradict. Since you will spend most of your time researching and writing this essay, you should choose a topic that interest you. When you get your topic for the paper, test it with a friend, preferably one who opposes your view. Discuss the topic and see if it’s debatable. You could also develop some ideas from there.

Create an appealing title and thesis statement

Writing a catchy and original title is a good way to start the essay. It captures the attention of the reader and makes him/her want to read more. The thesis statement should be a concrete idea that sums up the entire essay. It should be short and direct. It informs the reader the argument of the essay and why it is important.

Write the essay

The introduction of the essay should be a brief explanation of the essay that includes background information to help the readers familiarize with the topic. Include the thesis statement at the end of the introductory section.

The body paragraphs should contain information that supports your position and the opposition as well. Include the arguments that support the opposition but use powerful evidence to explain why your stand is more logic.

The conclusion should restate the argument and the thesis statement. Review the key points of your argument but do not introduce any new point. Proofread the essay and correct the errors. Ensure your paper is written using the correct format.

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