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How to Write an A+ Cause and Effect Essay

Every action has a reaction. A cause and effect essay states the cause of the problem (action) and explains the resulting effect (reaction).

Before you start writing, you will need a few preparations for the task. You will start by choosing a suitable topic, conduct a preliminary research, create an outline based on the thesis statement, and write the first draft.

Understand the essay rubric

Read the essay rubric and ensure you understand what is required. Note the assignment length, formatting requirements, and the deadline for submitting the paper.

Brainstorm for ideas

If the task requires you to come up with your own topic, you should start brainstorming for ideas. Write down all the topics that come to your brain. Pick top five topics that interest you. Consider how much information you have on each of the topics. Select the topic that has a considerable length of information which can fill the length of your assignment. It is advisable to write about moments that are close to your personal experiences, for example, events that left an impact in your life.

Read the assigned materials

If the instructor assigned books are articles to coincide with the assignment, it is recommended that you start by reading them. This could help you understand the given topic. You could also use the assigned texts as evidence to support your ideas.

Conduct preliminary research

Get sources that approach your topics in different perspectives. Take your notes carefully so that you can site well and avoid plagiarized material.

Develop the thesis statement

After researching, you need to come up with an argument or a thesis that guide your essay. You will be proving the thesis throughout your essay.

Create an essay outline

In most of the cases, a cause and effect essay is a five paragraph paper. Nevertheless, variations are accepted, but the general format of an introduction, the body section, and a conclusion must apply. The main aim of the introduction is to inform the reader what the essay will talk about. The introduction should be attractive and capture the reader’s attention. It should contain background information which not only gives an insight towards the cause but also explains some effects. The thesis statement is also found in this section. It highlights the main argument in one sentence.

The body paragraphs should have an opening sentence as well as an assertive concluding sentence. Each paragraph should contain a particular element of your argument. Include a paragraph that explains to the reader why the cause and effects are important to them on a personal or group level.

Create a solid conclusion that has a summary of the entire essay and restate the thesis statement. You can also include information on how the findings can change in the future if the conditions and interpretations differ in some ways.

After preparing to write the essay, do the actual writing. Proofread for grammar and other errors. Format the paper as required and submit your paper.

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