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A character analysis essay is one that requires a student to analyze a particular character in details using the thoughts, behavior, and speech of a given character.

Most of the literary courses require the students to write a character analysis essay at some point. These pieces demand the understanding of the antagonists and protagonists in a literary piece. These articles help the students understand the characters in literature and the world that they live. One of the purposes of writing a character analysis essay is to comprehend the anatomy of a character, study how that character was shaped and learn from his/her experiences and life. In literature, every speech, interaction, and actions are arranged to give the information you need to conclude about the character, no matter how insignificant the actions may seem in real life.

When writing about a literary character, you should start by describing the major traits of the character. As in real life, characters may be ambitious, aggressive, assertive, adventurous, and visionary. It is worthy to note the appearance of the character. An author gives physical features to a character to match or contrast them with other aspects such as their personality or mind. When studying a character, consider the physical descriptions and relate them to mental descriptions Names are also significant in some instances.

When writing a character analysis essay, you should note how the characters change in a given piece of literature. Characters could be flat, and others could be round and dynamic. Round characters are prone to change and develop like ordinary people. Before you start a character analysis essay, first, select the character you want to write about. In some cases, the character will be assigned. It is advisable to pick round characters since these characters are interesting and there is a lot of information to write about them. Take short notes as you read about the character and read through the essay rubric given by the instructor.

After reading the literature piece, review the notes you have taken and come up with a main idea about the chosen character. Write a draft and remember to take note of the essay outline given by the instructor.


It should be brief but meaningful. It should spark interest in the reader and hold the entire essay together. The introductory paragraph should also contain a short description of the chosen character. The writer should state the author and title of the novel. In addition, the author should write his/her purpose in a clear thesis statement.


It should be subdivided into different areas or ideas to be considered concerning the character. Read the essay rubric provided by the professor and ensure that your essay has tackled all the things required.


Basically, this is the summary of your essay. You should state the final analysis statement at this point. Talk about the character’s conflict that people can experience in their real life and give your opinion on how the character should have reacted to some situations.

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