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Creative essays are a type of writing that requires the students to look beyond the set guidelines and structures and come up with a story that contains an interesting plot and an intriguing path.

Most creative essays do not have topic restrictions. Nevertheless, some professors may narrow down the topics to a given category. Creative essays require the author to utilize his/her imagination skills very well to come up with connective ideas and a coherent flow to the reader. Whether the creative essay is written for fun or as a school assignment, planning the essay can be a challenging task.

Decide on the format

There are various forms of creative writing that you can choose. All the formats have their merits and demerits, and therefore the student is advised to try out the different formats until he/she finds the one that suits him/her best. Some of the formats include novels, blogs, short stories, stage plays, and poetry.

Choose a topic

Ideas for the topic to write on can be obtained from several places. Some writers have a small notebook to write down ideas that come to their mind at any time. Be keen as you watch the news as you could get a compelling idea to start your writing. You could also base your story on a strange event that happened in your life or browse for topics in the web. The writer could also choose to plot to a film or a book he/she enjoyed but write in a different way and have a different ending.

Determine the themes of the essay

Think if there is a feeling you want the authors to have after reading the essay or if there is a significant environmental, philosophical, or social concept that you would like to convey in your piece and note it down.

Create an outline

Writing an outline has its advantages. The writing process is simplified, and the writer is not likely to forget a point that he/she wanted to write. A creative essay has the standard format of an introduction, the body section, and the concluding paragraph. Use the Oxford method of formatting which includes the 3-point structure, which is the set-up, confrontation, and a resolution. The set-up is written in the introductory section. It includes introduction and establishment of characters.

Confrontation is written in the boy section. A good story has a turning point, which is mostly a point of conflict where a smooth flow turns to a violent storm. The resolution is written in the concluding paragraph. After the turning point, the drama will settle down smoothly at the end.

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