A research paper is one that is used to identify and explore technical, scientific, and social issues. The writer must do a research and investigate the issue he/she wants to write on.

Most high-level schools and universities require the students to do extended writing assignments, mostly in the form of research papers. Writing a research paper is a skill that students will live with all their life. Long after you leave school, learning will continue, and the best way to learn is by writing individual research papers. Writing the paper forces you to create good questions, get the sources that answer the questions, present the answers to the audience, and defend the answers against the detractors.

One of the American presidents said that if he is assigned six hours to cut down a tree, he will devote the first four hours in sharpening the ax. For you to achieve that distinction, you need to be adequately prepared before you write the paper. In addition, you must have a positive attitude and believe that you will do a perfect job. This is your start to writing an A+ paper. The following tips will help you write your essay.

  • Select a topic

The author should choose a topic that interests and challenges him/her. Select a topic that you can manage. Keep off the subjects that are too technical or specialized. You should also avoid topics that have limited sources of data. Your attitude towards the chosen topic will determine the amount of enthusiasm and effort you will put in the research. Obtain the instructor’s approval for the topic before you move on to a comprehensive research. If you have some questions concerning the assignment, go through the assignment sheet again and consult your teacher.

  • Get information on your topic

The writers should begin by equipping themselves with general information on the field. One of the good but neglected sources is the Encyclopedia Britannica. Additional information can be obtained from the internet or other encyclopedias. As you click onto the URLs, pay closer attention to the domain names, for instance, .edu (educational institutions), .org, or .gov. These sites offer more reliable information. You could also check out check out some of the books in the library. Remain creative in your research.

  • State the thesis

After getting sufficient knowledge on the paper, think critically and write the thesis statement in one sentence. The thesis statement is a declaration of your stand.

  • Make an outline

An outline is the most significant step in writing an excellent paper. Annotate the research you have carried out and organize your notes well. Write a preliminary reference page as you identify the main goal of your paper. Include the main parts of the essay in the outline. Finalize the outline by justifying the main points.

  • Write the first draft

Commence with the first topic as stated in the outline. Paraphrase, summarize or quote directly for all the ideas you plan to use on the paper. After writing the essay, read through the paper and edit it carefully and have other people to read it.

  • Write the final draft

After re-editing, formatting, and finalizing the main points, you can create the final draft. Re-arrange the information and format the document according to the requirements given by the instructor.

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