An extended essay is a 4,000 words thesis written by students in any area of their choice in one of the subjects found in the IB curriculum.

People who have enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programs are quite familiar with the extended essays as they are a mandatory element of the IB Diploma. The essay is done under the supervision of an advisor who is qualified on the subject of the essay or is quite familiar with the chosen topic to offer adequate advice and supervision over the research and writing process.

The essay is graded by several examiners selected by the chief examiner of each topic in the IB Office based in Cardiff, Wales. This essay can give a student more than three additional points towards their overall Diploma score. Selecting a topic is one of the greatest challenges that students always face.  IB candidates are advised to discuss the topics they have chosen with their supervisor as well as the IB librarian.

Before you start your writing, is advisable that you consider the essay structure and plan your information well. There are many areas where you can source your ideas, for example, the books you have been reading or the essay writing discussions you had in class. Other sources of background information can be obtained from subject-specific encyclopedias, general encyclopedias, and textbooks. Skimming online databases such as Questia or ProQuest, and browsing reference shelves in the school library are other good ways of obtaining information.

After identifying the topic and done some background reading, it’s time to think about the questions that will be answered by your research. Write your topic as a question and think about the important keywords, concepts, and terms that adequately describe your topic. These terms will serve as the keywords for searching online databases and catalogs, the internet as well as print resources for data about your topic.

A great research question is one of the central components of a well-written extended essay. Students should come up with a research question that is contestable. The question should be the product of a student’s critical thinking after doing a preliminary research and must compel the readers to think or rethink. It is important to note that there is a huge difference between a topic and a question. A writer may be having a topic, but within that topic, there must be a question. If the question is not good enough, the essay is likely to attract low marks, regardless how good the rest of the essay is done.

After obtaining a good question and sources for your extended essay, prepare a rough draft. Ensure that the thesis is specific to the question. Normally, people start by writing general information before writing the introduction. Go through the draft and correct where necessary. After this, you write the extended essay using the correct format which includes a title page, the abstract, a table of contents, an introduction, the body, a conclusion, references, and appendix if it has been added.

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