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Narrative essays are essays that require the students to describe a story from their real-life that is connected with the theme of the class.

Your professor just left an assignment, and it looks like an exciting topic. Writing a narrative essay can be fun if you approach it well. Narrative essays are made up of two parts, a story and the analysis of the story. This essay is about a particular theme, issue, or a concept, but is uses an individual story to illustrate the idea.

No research is required

In most cases, narrative essays do not involve outside references or research as they are based on personal stories with an aim to provide evidence of a point you are trying to make. These essays are a common assignment in high school and are used to test story telling skills, creativity, and a student’s ability to connect an element of life with a topic being discussed in class. Before you start writing a few preparations are necessary.

Choose a Topic

First and foremost, you need to choose a topic that you can generate an interesting essay. Narrative essays are based on a prompt you will be given by the instructor. A student is advised to read and understand the prompt to ensure that their story will fit the assignment. As you choose the title of your narrative, select one that will have a manageable plot. Good narrative essays contain stories with luminous and vibrant details. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose a story with vibrant details.

Drafting the Essay

You have to plan the essay and have a clear essay structure in your mind as you begin to write the draft. Outline the plot of the essay by listing all the major points in the story. This will help you limit the essay as the instructor requires the specific points only. You do not need to write a formal outline unless it is part of the assignment.  As you write the essay, maintain a consistent point of view. Do not attempt to switch perspectives as this is an advanced technique that even experts find it difficult to pull out from.

Good narratives have a protagonist and antagonist, ensure that yours also include them. You should also include a plot in your essay. As you write the story, use vivid description. Even the most boring and dull town can be made remarkable with the right kind of words in writing. Utilize scenes and summaries in your narrative. Scenes can be described as small moments that take some time to read, whereas summaries are used to describe the time in between the scenes. A good narrative essay always contains a transformation.

After writing the essay, read it aloud and revise it as necessary. Make sure that the narrative is in line with the theme. Revise the clarity and format of the essay.

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