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A rhetorical analysis essay is one that examines anything, from a painting to a poem, or an advertisement. The writer tries to uncover the strategy and persuasive styles used by the author.

Writing this essay requires a writer to determine how the author of the original work attempted to bring out his/her argument. As a writer, you are allowed to include information if the author succeeded in making the argument or not. Most of the ambitious high school students choose AP English as their major language elective. These students must take the AP English exam which includes writing three essays. One of the essays could be the rhetorical analysis essay. This essay can be intimidating to most students since most of them have never done this kind of essay before. Nevertheless, this essay will guide you on how to write an award-winning rhetorical essay.

The AP test is a time-limited task that calls for effective and swift preparation from students who want to have a great piece of academic writing. Considering that the student has to read, analyze, and write in the allocated time, some multitasking is required. Writers are encouraged to analyze as they read through the text, and take short notes of relevant information that will simplify the analysis process.

Identify the appeals

As you read through the text, identify the speaker, audience, occasion, purpose, tone, and subject. After this, you should go ahead and examine the appeals. Aristotle refers to the appeals as the elements of persuasion. There are three main appeals namely, ethos, logos, and pathos. The ethos is the element that appeals to ethics. This is all about providing reasons as well as traits as to why the speaker is a great source of information.

The pathos is the element that appeals to emotions. It is a devious way of convincing the audience by creating emotional responses. The logos appeals to rational and logical thinking and tries to influence the audience through reasoning.

Examine the styles

This is another rhetorical strategy which includes several elements such as tone, diction, syntax, imagery, and etcetera. Figurative language and analogies such as similes and metaphors validate ideas through comparison. Repetition makes points more memorable. The imagery in a rhetorical analysis essay affects the pathos as it is a powerful tool for evoking emotions.

Before you commence with the writing process, determine what the data you have gathered suggests to you. Note whether the strategies used fail or help the author. You do not have to agree with the argument in question; your task is to analyze how efficient the author uses the appeals to represent the argument.

Start the writing with an introductory paragraph. It should include the text you will be analyzing, briefly mention the speaker, audience, occasion, purpose, and subject. In addition, include the thesis statement. When writing the body, arrange the paragraphs by the rhetorical appeals. Organize your work in chronological order, explicitly, from the beginning of the document to the end. The concluding part should restate the thesis as well as the main ideas in the essay.

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