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Dissertation writing is very similar to thesis writing. However, this varies with different countries and learning institutions. Dissertation is a lengthy formal writing assignment that is conducted by either undergraduates or postgraduate students. Completing a dissertation paper is the hallmark of transition from being a student to a credible and resourceful scholar and academician.

Dissertation writing is significantly different from writing the average essays and term papers. This is because unlike the regular term paper, the topic to cover on the thesis paper is up to the student. Second, the deadline is not usually specified. Lastly, one does not have a chance to have regular class discussions with the classmates on the particular topic.

Writing a dissertation Paper

The process of writing a dissertation paper is a long, tedious journey.  One of the major milestones in dissertation writing is identifying a topic to work on.  This is a challenge to most students such that they keep on changing the topic they are covering every so often.  It is advisable to work closely with your advisor as you change the topic of the dissertation writing to the topic which interests you the most.

Writing a dissertation involves a lot of work. Some students end up getting a group of other scholars to support them in coming up with the paper and in defending the proposal to the education board. The work involves researching for credible references to support the claim of the paper.  The dissertation paper proposes a new idea; factual information should support the idea. The facts should be sourced from secondary sources which are credible and preferably recent.

The paper should be written in such a way that it satisfies all grammatical rules. All the sentences should be correctly constructed to make grammatical sense.  This is a major challenge to the students whom English is not their first language.

Every paragraph should also convey feasible scientific information that can be defended in front of the academic board. This makes developing a dissertation paper very challenging since one has to be very proactive in researching the data and writing it down such that it makes scientific and mathematical sense. This requires in-depth knowledge on the subject.

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