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You will locate and analyze a current article (less than 3 months old) in a mainstream, North American newspaper or magazine that relates to a th

You will locate and analyze a current article (less than 3 months old) in a mainstream, North American newspaper or magazine that relates to a theory or topic we discuss in class (that is, it directly relates to an issue within an organization, or relates to an issue a manager or employee(s) of an organization are facing).

Format: 4 pages double-spaced (excluding  cover page and references), paragraph structure, and contain the following content areas (ideally with clear headers):

  1. Summarize the article in your own words. (1-2 paragraphs) For example:
    • What is the issue the organization, manager or employee is facing?
    • Why did the issue come about?
    • Why is this good/bad for the employee and/or organization?
  2. What are the Organizational Behavior (OB) theories/topics that relate to this issue?
    • Briefly summarize the one to two theories that you will use to help explain the issue. While there may be many related theories, it is best to limit yourself to the most relevant ones to be able to clearly explain and provide enough detail for your grade. Include definitions.
  3. Apply the Organizational Behavior (OB) theories/topics to the issue
    • Clearly explain how the theories/topics apply to the issue. Use examples from the article to make it clear that you understand how the theory/topic applies to this situation. Analyze the situation based on what you know from class.
  4. Recommendations and conclusions
    • Based on what you know about OB, what can you recommend to the employee or organization to improve their situation? Or, in the case of a positive example, what can you suggest for other organizations based on what you learned from this situation and your knowledge about OB?
  5. Please appropriately cite and quote any content from the article and the textbook or other sources. You are not required to use other sources for this assignment, but you can cite the textbook and class slides if you wish.

 formatting. The final project report should be typed, double-spaced, and numbered pages of text, plus references, tables, figures, and appendices. The must have 1-inch margins on 8.5”x11”, with 12pt Times New Roman font. Please include a word count at the end .

Please write clearly and concisely and follow APA guidelines when it comes to the format including how you format your references. The following website is a great resource for the APA guidelines:

Course Description: Considering that an organization’s people are responsible for gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage, knowing how to mobilize and motivate employees is critical to business strategy execution. Understanding and practicing organizational behavior (OB) concepts is important for managerial effectiveness and gives individuals, teams, and organizations the skills and tools they need to be effective. OB plays a key role in improving and maintaining every aspect of individual and organisational performance, and it is vital for organisational success. In addition to being the foundation of personal success in any organisation, OB skills also help managers and employees in effectively addressing new challenges. Course-Specific Learning Objectives: This course is designed to deepen your knowledge of OB from an individual, group, and organizational perspective. A primary goal is to encourage you to reflect on and apply this knowledge in ways that will enhance your managerial and professional skills. Specific learning objectives include that by successfully completing this course you will: • Understand the importance of OB theories, tools, and concepts. • Understand how organizations work and why people behave as they do in work settings. • Apply OB principles to typical problems in organizations to enhance individual, group, and organizational effectiveness. • Reflect on your own beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors with respect to how individuals, groups, and organizations act in order to expand skills and increase your professional effectiveness. • Learn and practice the “soft skills” of managing. Improve skills in reacting appropriately to organizational situations using OB concepts.


Introduction to Organizational Behavior, Communication, Attitudes, Job satisfaction, Emotion and Moods in organizations, Perception and Individual Decision Making, Diversity in organizations, Motivation, Team, Leadership, Organizational Change and Stress Management, Organizational Culture

Some expanded topics-

COMMUNICATION – downward communication,lateral communication, upward communication, grapevine communication process (>?


Attribution theory suggests that when we observe an individual’s behavior, we attempt

to determine whether it was internally or externally caused. That determination depends

largely on three factors: distinctiveness, consensus, and consistency

Understand theories of motivation:

Maslow’s Hierarchy

Theories X and Y

Two-Factor Theory

McClelland’s Theory of Needs

Expectancy Theory

Goal Setting Theory

Equity Theory

Self-efficacy theory

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