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Consider their reflection on the self-assessment results and application of Hofstede’s descriptions of individualism and collectivism. Offer critical evaluation or add clarit

  1. Respond to at least two of your classmates.
    1. Consider their reflection on the self-assessment results and application of Hofstede's descriptions of individualism and collectivism.
    2. Offer critical evaluation or add clarity to the posts of your classmates.
    3. Where applicable, respectfully offer alternate perspectives and provide additional clarifying commentary to add to the discussion.
  2. Each response should be at least 150 words.
  3. please find the attachment which has Two Original Post. 

Original Post 1: Bala Mani Kiran Thanugundla

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I believe that this assessment is accurate reflection of my sense of collectivism. I believe that society should allow its members to be the best they can be, and not interfere with anyone else. I am willing to help others who are less fortunate, but not in the name of a collective responsibility, but because it is the right thing to do. In fact, what I believe is that it is not just a matter of individuals or groups, but it is collective.

My results indicate that my manner and attitudes are very helpful to my family on the values. I have a lot of positive feedback from other people at work about how I conduct myself, as well as my overall attitude towards my job. My parents have all expressed to me in the past that they really appreciate me and my attitude toward life and career. A great sense of humor and a good attitude go a long way with my family (Mishra, 2021). My family is glad that I come to the family dinner night and even if I don’t want to talk to them, I am always there to listen when they talk about their day. So in this case, I really want to improve the values. I think I should make my effort. But I also want to have real time to enjoy with my family, I also think that it's very important for my family.

It is a well-known fact that most people only pay attention to what is said in front of them. Thus, it is important to create an atmosphere in which the other people are aware of what is going on, and understand the reason behind it. I will encourage communication in the workplace to become a cohesive team. Communication on the highest level may be the most important factor in motivating your team (Espinosa‐Curiel et al., 2018). It's one thing to deliver messages that will get the ear of the top team members. It is quite another to reach the lower levels of the organization where the majority of the real work gets done and where most of the mistakes and miscommunications are made.



Espinosa‐Curiel, I. E., Rodríguez‐Jacobo, J., Vázquez‐Alfaro, E., Fernández‐Zepeda, J. A., & Fajardo‐Delgado, D. (2018). Analysis of the changes in communication and social interactions during the transformation of a traditional team into an agile team.  Journal of Software: Evolution and Process30(9), e1946.

Mishra, A. (2021). Do Organizations Need Emotionally Intelligent Leadership at the Workplace?. In  Leadership-New Insights. IntechOpen.

Original Post 2: Laxman

Individualist Collectivist Assessment

Culture plays a significant role in how a person behaves, dress, respond or even conduct their day-to-day activities. Individualistic culture is where people drive themselves in line with their inclination and likings (Zhu et al., 2021). This culture involves people who value independence and self-reliance. On the other hand, collectivist culture affects individuals with norms and way of life majorly inclined to work as a group. The culture stresses on aims and targets of a group rather than personal accomplishments.

The individualistic culture consists of a concept of self-reliance and independence. This culture has a significant influence geared by the individualism factors considered excellent and powerful for a person (Khan et al., 2021). A person deems his/herself in a better position to function once they are self-sufficient efficiently. This culture, however, can be detrimental because the involved are inclined towards emotional and psychological withdrawal from the others in the society. This culture may hinder their functionality in their workplaces where teamwork is vital.

Collectivism, on the other hand, involves a group's interrelation and connection. The person in this society is deemed in a good spot by accommodating other people's needs. Choices are made based on the preference of a group (Nickerson, 2021). There is an inclination towards the desire to accomplish common targets rather than self-quests. Selflessness shapes a person's identity, and it fosters solid and longer-lasting relationships. However, it is safe to conclude that culture greatly defines people's identities. Conservative culture tends to raise individualistic individuals who rarely conform to other norms. Liberal culture, on the other hand, results in persons with selflessness and inclined towards harmony rather than conflicts.


Khan, I., & Fatma, M. (2021). Online destination brand experience and authenticity: Does individualism-collectivism orientation matter?  Journal of Destination Marketing & Management20, 100597.Gong, W.,

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Zhu, M., Gürel, B., & Xie, T. (2021). The lineage theory of the regional variation of individualism/collectivism in China.  Frontiers in Psychology11, 596762.


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