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Discuss professional associations and federal training academies that provide fire investigator training for fire investigators.

 Please answer each question in a complete paragraph followed by a  reference. Please respond to each question separately. All questions  need to be answered in full complete sentences. Please only answer three  questions per page  Please do not make the paragraph full of cited  information the paragraphs must be at least 8 sentences long. only 3  questions per page answered.  

BA Students


Discuss professional associations and federal training academies that provide fire investigator training for fire investigators.

Read the following article to help with your post this week: How to Become a Fire Investigator


identify which component you consider the most important part of the emergency planning process. Be sure to defend your answer using what you have learned thus far. 


The following video by Mr. Guy Kawasaki (early Apple marketing executive) is on his new book "Enchantment". This is a very high-tech, business-focused brief, but the concepts apply to retail, military, government or any other organizations. This video gives the meat and potatoes of his book and provides relevant strategies for working with others.

What was the highlight of the video to you?

Can you take any lessons from this?

How will it affect you working with others? 

View this  video


lisabeth Kübler-Ross proposed five psychological stages of dying: denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These stages do not occur in a specific order, and the stages often overlap. Dying people often have to rework the stages, and some dying persons may never reach the fifth stage of acceptance.  Do you think this model applies to other significant losses in life (e.g., loss of a job or divorce)?  Why or why not? 


Part One:

1. Use the Online Library to find a peer-reviewed journal article (no more than five years old) that uses qualitative methods

2. Read the article and write a brief summary of the article. Be sure to discuss the findings.

Part Two:

1. Write a critical review of their qualitative analysis. You could address some of the following questions in your post:

· Did the researcher provide a detailed description of the qualitative methodology? If so, summarize this methodology?

· Have ethical considerations been taken into account and been well described in the paper?

· Was there a message to finding particular themes in the data? Or, could the authors have presented a better explanation for how the data were categorized and analyzed?

· Did the researcher highlight and acknowledge any bias that might have been present in the research process?

Explain your answers in detail.


Part I

The Fifth Amendment protect individuals against self-incrimination. The Sixth Amendment affords individuals protections in the criminal process. This discussion asks you to examine the rights granted to individuals under the Fifth and Sixth Amendments.

Please discuss each of the following:

1. Discuss when Miranda must be given to an individual, including the difference between an arrest and a custodial interrogation.

2. What does the court look for to determine if a confession has been voluntarily given? 

Part II

Attached is the investigation report completed by the police officer called to the scene of the crime.  Also, attached is a signed confession by Mayo. Using the investigation report, the signed confession and the facts from week 1 discussion, answer the following questions:

1) Is this a valid confession made by Mayo? What will the court look at to determine if this confession will be admitted into evidence at trial?

2) Did the officer conduct an illegal interrogation of Mayo? Discuss why.




1) There are many cases in which an individual has been convicted on circumstantial evidence for the crime of murder. Find a recent and local case in your home state in which a person has been found guilty of murder or a varied degree of homicide.  Summarize the case in your main post. Indicate the reasons for the conviction. Was it based on physical or circumstantial evidence? What did the prosecutor use to prove the mental intent of the offender at the time of the crime? 

2) Did the prosecution and/or the defense use legal technology in some way to aid in the development and/or presentation of their respective sides of the case?  Was that use (if any) actually helpful in that case (or potentially, other similar cases)?  If it was not helpful, explain why you think so. 

3) How did conducting research and going through each step of legal analysis help you to reach this conclusion?  Analyze how you applied critical thinking and legal analytical skills to assist you in this regard.  What new research and/or analytical tool or method did you try for the first time this week?  What do you think you do well and what would you like to strengthen so that you continue to improve?   


what future changes do you foresee in personality assessment instruments and procedures? What changes to do you foresee in the functions and/or applications of personality assessment? 


Business: Klassik styles hair salon

Consider your venture or business. Determine the real property you need for your venture and the purpose of the real property. Evaluate the advantages of securing the real property and the disadvantages of not securing the real property.


The answers are at the end of the file, so don't just give an answer—we can already see what the answers are. Don't post an explanation unless your answer matches the correct one!

Your goal should be to explain this problem so well that a classmate who "just doesn't get it" will be able to understand it completely!

Other Files: Read This First

                     Systems of Equations Problems with Answers

                      Using the Equation Editor 


"What you rather be a field slave or house slave?" Debate this issue using the content from the text book. Is there even a "better" scenario? Be sure to address positives and negatives from either role in the slave system. For instance, what rights or privileges may be given to a skill slave? How could this be a negative?


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