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Describe the roles of crisis response teams and other individuals in recovering from an incident to maintain a healthy campus environment.


Describe the roles of crisis response teams and other individuals in recovering from an incident to maintain a healthy campus environment..

Discuss some of the reasons why individuals are choosing cohabitation as opposed to marriage?  What are the pros of living together and what are the cons?  What does research show about cohabitation?


The travel and tourism industry is a vital component of the global economy. For many regions and countries, tourism is their main source of revenue. There are many different industry organizations that will advocate for legislation to benefit the tourism industry. Much like the National Restaurant Association, the organization will feature some key issues and legislative interests on their website.

Find a tourism organization that advocates for its members, it can be a national or more global organization, and identify a key issue the organization is concerned about currently. Post a link to the page you found and summarize the issue, what the organization is advocating for, and what impact the issue could have on the tourism industry


For this discussion we are building a virtual first aid kit for the soft tissue injuries we have read about this week. If you don’t know what a virtual first aid kit should look like, or what it should include, this is a great example from Georgia Tech.

Please do not repeat injuries or conditions. At the end of the week we should have a well rounded “first aid kit”.

1. Step 1: Please create a new message in which you can post your initial thread.  Put the wound or condition as the “title” at the top (for example, “puncture wound from animal bite” as the thread topic and title).  Use the library database or internet to find information about first aid measures, equipment needed or other important “need to know” facts. Share this information with your classmates.

2. Step 2: Read your classmates’ posts and reply to at least two of them on their initial post threads.  Your replies should be substantive and “improve” conversation.  

3. Step 3: If the instructor asks you a question in your initial post thread, a thoughtful reply is expected (and part of your Discussion grade).



what are the five steps of a company restructure and explain each one (and its importance).  Please put the five steps in order of priority (your opinion). 


Why is earned value better than gut feel project status? Be specific by discussing the various aspects of Earned Value.


Many companies use social media as a means to communicate with consumers. Additionally, companies are increasingly discovering the power of social media “influencers” to promote their brands and products.

Please watch the TED Talk from Rachel David, CEO of Hashtag Communications, an influencer marketing company.  TED: How Influencers Have Transformed Modern Marketing


After reviewing the video, discuss your thoughts on the content. What surprised you? Do you think David is correct in her assertions? What does she mean when she calls social media marketing the “Wild West”?



Consider a behavior that you would like to teach someone. This could be a friend, a child, a co-worker, etc. Describe the behavior and select  one of the learning theories we learned about this week (i.e. observational learning, operant conditioning, classical conditioning, etc…) as the framework for how you would teach the person that behavior. Although in real life you may use more than one of these theories to teach behavior, for the purposes of this academic exercise choose ONLY ONE theory. 

Explain how you would ensure they have learned the behavior and why you felt that approach would work best for the particular behavior and setting. What challenges do you encounter to the learning process using your planned approach?


Do you really have a right to privacy? 

In Carroll v. United States , the Supreme Court held that vehicles were held to a lesser standard of Fourth Amendment protection by stating that a warrant was not required. Then, in  Katz v. United States , the Court established the right to privacy as a defense against warrantless searches. Fast forward to 45 years after the Katz decision and we have the United States v. Jones case. This case was an appeal from the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals that went on to the Supreme Court, on the issue of whether a warrant is needed to attach a GPS tracking device to a vehicle. 

Well, now……what about your computer and what you do in your free time on it from the comforts of your home? 

Review these three cases by selecting the name of each case, above. Then, select one of the following links (or one of your choosing) for review and discussion regarding one’s right to privacy on Facebook and social media sites.


Social Media Case Law: Expectation of Privacy in US v. Meregildo (

Based on the Court’s interpretation of the right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment, should a warrant be required to obtain any and all information that you may have on Facebook or other social media sites? Why or why not? 

· Assuming that a warrant is required, what are the exceptions to this requirement that might apply when the government legally can proceed without the necessity of a warrant?

· Are there any ways to get around the warrant requirement?  Give an example.

Is “privacy” a thing of the past or shall it forever last?


Should individuals convicted of possession of child pornography be precluded from being sentenced to probation? Explain why / why not. If sentenced to probation, what conditions would you impose if you were the supervising probation officer?


Go to Select Quality Check and find a hospital in your area. View the accreditation quality report.

1. Describe what you have learned about this hospital.

2. Why is this site so important for consumers?

3. How could health care consumers use the information available to make decisions about their health care?


Please  remember to provide attribution for your learning.

Provide us with an overview of the presentation that is due at the end of this week.  Use the following to guide your response:

1) What is the topic you are discussing?

2) What are the legal and ethical considerations surrounding the topic?

3) What are your own thoughts on the topic and why is it important to you? 

4) Did you change your stance/view on the topic as a result of your research, or, did your research only reinforce what you believe(d)?  *It’s okay for your stance/view of the topic to change. 


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