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Read: Disruptive Marketing Communication for Customer Engagement. The New Frontiers of Mobile Instant Messaging ?

Read: Disruptive Marketing Communication for Customer Engagement. The New Frontiers of Mobile Instant Messaging

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Read: Branding in The Digital Age

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Discussion Thread: Promotion

 For this discussion, you will research peer-reviewed journal articles on one of the 4Ps – Promotion. Keyword search terms might include the following:  Personal selling, advertising, public relations, and sales promotion (contests, coupons, and more…). Once you have selected your peer-reviewed journal articles, post a synopsis of the major points from the research you read. 


Discussion Assignment Instructions


The student thread of at least 750 words not to exceed 1,250 words. 


For each thread, students must support their assertions with at least 2 scholarly authored citations in current APA format, with at least one new reference from a Marketing Journal to support the topic researched. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years, except for the Bible. 

The exceptions are as follows: 

· Discussion: Product Thread must cite, in current APA format, at least four articles, including the three articles listed in the prompt and a new Journal article on PRODUCT; 

· Discussion: Disruptive Marketing Thread must include and cite two of your references used for the Disruptive Marketing Plan Project. 

Additional Expectations

Post-First Feature: This course utilizes the Post-First feature in all Discussions. The Post-First feature means you will only be able to read and interact with your classmates' threads after submitting your thread in response to the provided prompt. For additional information on Post-First, click here for a tutorial.

If you make a mistake on your discussion posting – repost the entire posting again – do not just add a reference in another posting – you will not get credit. Do not email your instructor with corrections to your posting – repost everything again. 

The requirement is that you use subject headers AND that you post your discussion directly into the learning platform.

Remember, you cannot repeat any of the sources from previous postings.


Welcome to Week 4. And I hope you're enjoying the course so far. We're going to cover in this kickoff PowerPoint, the reading that you're going to complete this week. We're going to talk about the discussion board on promotion that the one on the poor piece you're covering. And of course, this is an opportunity since it's a lighter week in the sense that you don't have a paper do as well, is that you should be working on your Week 7 and disruptive marketing plan that you've been thinking about since prior, probably at least Week 2, that hopefully are making some progress in pulling together some ideas. So take this week core as an opportunity. It's a little bit of a lighter week that you can get some work down in your Week 7 paper as well. Okay, As we continue, I'm talking about week 4. We're going to discuss that 3D. You're going to be reading three articles from your Harvard Business report course pack that you have review, I should say Harvard Business Review. The what? The first one is disruptive marketing, communication per customer engagement, the new frontiers of mobile instant messaging. I even give you some ideas to spark for your Week 7 paper. So read that. And then the next one is a brand report card that's by Kevin Keller. He actually we use him in the master's level marketing course. So that will be a good article for you just to better understand marketing and brands and then branding in the digital age, you're spending your money in all the wrong places. That one is by Edelman. And again, a good overview of marketing for you to read as well. So those are the readings assignments that we're going to take place this week. And one, Let's review what is due for the discussion board this week. Again, we're kinda be talking about promotion. It's heard of the core piece that we've covered so far this semester. So for this week's discussion, you will research three peer-reviewed journal articles on the four P's. Promotion. Iv word search terms might include the following. Personal selling, advertising, public relations, and sales promotion, Anything from contest coupons and more. Those are some of just some of the titles that you could use in the, under the umbrella of promotion. Once you've selected your three peer-reviewed journal articles, posts to 700 word minimum synapsis of the major points from the research you read. Obviously, see what you can use for your final paper in week 7 as well. Because you've year coming up in week 7 with a unique disruptive marketing idea. It's a great opportunity. Use public relations to get local TV stations. Need international TV stations to listen about your ideas and to get people excited about the changes that you're suggesting. For your replies to your fellow students. Comment on the student's article with a used, why would an article that you would want to read more on in a new reference to support your comments. If an ox about their ideas there, anything that you want to in regards to, to their work that you replying to. You of course, will submit your initial thread by Thursday and submit your replies by Sunday. I think this will be another good week for us night preaching your continued engagement.

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