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Instructional Activity: Unit and lesson plans

Please follow the directions for this assignment that have been attached.

Remember this unit is for the 5th-grade, emerging bilingual that just migrated from Cuba last year, her English is very limited.

Please do the assignment in the template provided. (Fill in the Word document.)

Total Points: 15

Instructional Activity: Unit and lesson plans

Due Thursday by 11:59pm Points 15 Submitting a file upload Available Feb 28 at 12am – Mar 28 at 11:59pm

Unit and Lesson Plans Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

6.5 pts

6.5 pts

2 pts

Start Assignment

The instructional activity assignment consists of two parts. The first is to create a unit plan and two lesson plans based on the information you gained from your conversation with the Emergent Bilingual you are working with. The unit consists of a plan for five lessons that address the content your EB is interested in and the language issues you decide to focus on. Choose two lessons from the unit plan to develop fully and engage in with your EB.

To be able to complete the second part of the instructional activity, which is to craft a concluding report, take notes after completing each of the two lessons in which you reflect on what went well in the lesson, what you would improve upon, and what you wouldn’t do again in the future. The concluding report is uploaded as a separate assignment at a later date.

The attached document provides the instructions for creating your unit and lesson plans, along with templates for both.

TSL 4081 Instructional activity Unit and lesson plans (

Unit plan

The language and content objectives are those you identified in the EB interview. They integrate well. The activities you chose are conducive to your EB reaching the objectives.

6.5 pts Full Marks

0 pts No Marks

Lesson plans

You include the various parts of a lesson plan. Your activities provide for meaningful, active, and engaging learning.

6.5 pts Full Marks

0 pts No Marks


You take care in the clear presentation of the unit plan and the lesson plans, and pay attention to details of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

2 pts Full Marks

0 pts No Marks


TSL 4081 Instructional Activity – Unit and Lesson Plans

In preparing your unit and lesson plans, consult the materials in Canvas Module 3 in the sections on “Planning and Engaging in Instruction” and “Learning from Teaching Practices”.

Unit plan

Your interview with the Emergent Bilingual you are working with resulted in the content and language objectives. Now, so that you can practice developing a curriculum unit, select a Florida K-12 Standard (See “Florida K-12 Standards” in Canvas Standards module). Prepare a unit plan, a sequence of five lessons, using the format on the next page, according to the following instructions.

Created for: Indicate if you are working with an adult or child (give age of child); the EB’s WIDA ESOL language proficiency level; Content theme

Unit Summary: Give the purpose and a brief description of the unit. State the content to be covered, as well as the aspect of language you are concentrating on. Describe briefly how you arrived at the theme and language focus, based on what you learned in the interview with the EB.

Topic: The sub-topics of the content theme that will be covered in each lesson.

Objectives: Content and language objectives for each lesson. (See the materials in Module 3.)

Instructional Activity: Give a very brief description of the major activity for each lesson. No details!!

Note that the unit plan is a general outline that serves as a guide for preparing more detailed lesson plans. The unit plan should not include detailed descriptions of activities. The unit plan fits on one page!

Lesson Plans

Select two of the lessons from your unit plan. You write only two lessons. Develop the outline of the lessons into detailed lesson plans to engage in these lessons with your Emergent Bilingual. The lesson plan consists of:

Standards: Choose a standard that matches the content you and your EB decided on (See “Florida K-12 Standards” in Canvas module Standards), even if you’re working with an adult.

Lesson Topic: The sub-topic identified in the unit plan.

Objectives: The content and language objectives identified in the unit plan.

Materials: Resources to be used in carrying out the lesson.

Procedures: An opening activity to spark interest in the lesson; the activities that address the content and language objectives; a closing activity that summarizes the lesson and checks for understanding (informal assessment).

Templates for the unit and lesson plans follow.

Created for (adult or child): ESOL level: Theme: Created by:

Unit Summary.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5


Content Objective(s)

Language Objective (s)

Instructional Activity

(very brief description!)

Unit Plan

Lesson Plan

Date _____________ ESOL Level ___________ Unit theme _____________________








Opening activity:

Developing activities:

Closing (Review/Check for understanding)

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