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what is sexism and (2) what are the consequences of sexism?

In 1 – 2 paragraphs, please explain, (1) what is sexism and (2) what are the consequences of sexism?


(3) Take a look at these articles which discuss how gender disparities have been affected by the Covid pandemic and discuss the differences in the data presented. This section should be a minimum of one paragraph.


After reading this week’s  NYT article on gender nonconformity , (4) discuss which aspects make coming out as non-binary easier and/or safer. Considering that gender nonconformity occurs in  various animal groups  and  throughout history , (5) why do you think there is such resistance to accepting individuals as gender nonconforming? (6) Looking at the data as a social science student, do you think that acceptance will increase in the future? Why or why not? This section should be a minimum of 2 – 3 paragraphs. 


In addition to posting your main entry, it is required that you respond to at least TWO (2) of your classmates’ entries.  In 75 words or more, provide specific and constructive feedback that is directly related to their post. What additional thoughts do you have?  Share them.  When providing your feedback, present the logic behind it and, where appropriate, cite research to support your thoughts. 

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