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Definition of “gender” and “gender identity”

(1) In your own words, give a thorough definition of “gender” and “gender identity”. Must be at least 2 – 3 sentences and cannot be copied from the resources or the internet.


Next, (2) describe actual gender differences, gender roles, and gender stereotypes and (3) give examples of each. This section should be a  minimum of 3 paragraphs and should cite any resources used at the end of your post using APA format (remember, resources must be peer-reviewed).


(4)  In your own words, describe the consequences of relying on and expecting gender differences. (5) Find a recent news article that provides a real life example of the consequences of expecting gender differences. Based on what you’ve read this week, (6) look at this article as a gender researcher and give your feedback about the article. Your feedback should be based on facts discussed in class this week and/or other academic resources, not your personal opinions. This section should be a minimum of 2 paragraphs. 


Don’t forget to include APA citations at the end of each discussion post.


In addition to posting your main entry, it is required that you respond to at least TWO (2) of your classmates’ entries.  In 75 words or more, provide constructive feedback on their post. Did they miss anything in their definition or analysis? What were your thoughts about the link they posted? What additional thoughts do you have?  Share them.  When providing your feedback, present the logic behind it and, where appropriate, cite research to support your thoughts. 

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