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Sam Walton Case in Chapter 8

Please read the Sam Walton Case in Chapter 8 and answer the following questions.


This file is in word format so that you can type your answers directly into this form.


Please upload your responses to the Sam Walton assignment box.




Review Sam Walton’ personal financial statement that he provided to Our Bank.


1) What is his occupation?


Sam’s occupation is a Broker.


2) How long has he worked at this current employer?


Sam has worked at his employer for 6 years.


3) What is his marital status?


Sam’s marital status is Separated.


4) What types of cash outflows would you expect to see in his personal financial statement due to his marital status? Did Sam have these types of outflows? If so, what was the total?


5) What is Sam’s total reported income?


6) What is Sam’s total reported expenses?


7) Excluding taxes, what are the two largest categories of expenses?


8) From his balance sheet, what is his self-reported total assets and reported net worth?


9) From Schedule A, what is the total current market value of his investments?


10) Sam has a rental property. What did he report at his rental income?


Review Sam’s credit bureau report.


11) Considering all the information reviewed so far, would you be willing to extend Sam credit.


Grading Rubric


Sam’s Problem RubricCriteriaRatingsPts


Based on the case narrative, the responses to Questions 1 -10 are accurate.


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